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When we are drawing, we are connecting

When we are drawing , we are connecting at the deepest level with the energy of the symbol.

The creative process connects us to ourselves, to  each other, to of  creation and to  the power and wisdom that resides Within.
It’s here where the process of “connecting the dots” begins, and we begin to see things in a new way.
It’s an awakening process that leds us to understand why things are done in the way they are done.

Vibrational Geometry symbolizes the Blue Print of the Universe; it’s the universal language of light that organize forces, manifests expression and defines all of  Creation.
Every single geometrical structure is a stargate, a portal, an akashic library of information, a storaehouse of emotions, memory, events and much more.
When we become aware of the vibratory energy field that connects all  things, we activate our consciouness to  a higher dimensional Divine  frequency and accelerate our process of growth.
When we allow ourselves to step into the Akashic records , where there is no time and space everything collapses into one , there are no limitations.
Therefore  our multidimensional being can  acces new gateways of consciouness. We are expand our perception to a much more sophisticated Galactic reality.

We are Sacred Geometry in itself and when we are drawing we are connecting energetically from the atomic bonds, the origin of the vibrational code, to the spiraling galaxies, the structure of the universe.
When we are looking at sacred geometry we are entering into communion with the information data systems of the code and this  is functioning as a trigger to reactivate the dormant knowing that lies within every single cell of our body.

Our Mind, our spirit and our heart will transcend here.

Trust what you feel, and enjoy what you are manifesting.

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